Monday, 27 December 2010

Hellooooo.....I am back .... properly this time !!!

Huge apologies for my absence, and a massive belated Happy Christmas and I wish you all a very happy and healthy New Year....

I have had so many things going on in my life this year. Some good and some bad, but right now, I am happier than I have been in a long, long time. I will fill you in as the weeks go by.

The most amazing thing has happened. I have met a wonderful man called Jim. We met in October and my life has been fulfilled in such a way that I didn't think was possible. I'm unconditionally happy. There are no stresses or dramas, no arguing or moaning, no resentments or unhappiness... We both have 3 children each, and have met each others families....its all soooo good. I will fill you in a bit more as the weeks go by on this gorgeous man that has captured my heart.....I will leave you with a few pics though, so you know who I am talking about.

However, all this happiness has somehow made me slip off the rails big time in the weight department...!! and I am determined to start getting a grip on my weight again now. I have been letting things slide in this department for a few months now, and if I don't jump back on the wagon soon, I am going to regret it big time !! Hence the reason I am back here for all your inspiration that you give to me without even realising it. So thank you bloggers for being here for me to turn through out the good and the bad. Your blogs are still amazing, and this time, I WILL be reporting in with weigh in results each week. I have not even weighed myself in about 6 weeks now. I'm dreading getting on, but I will. I am starting my weight loss journey again on the 2nd January, and I look forward to following you all in the new year.....

I hope you are all as happy as me right now....its good to be back with a smile on my face x Piccys as promised .....

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  1. Well Hello there stranger:)
    I for one have missed you, I am glad to see it was because you were so happy:) That you went missing. Jim looks like a really nice guy and you look blissfully happy.

    Good to see you back here and can't wait to hear your story.



  2. Glad to see you back and even gladder to hear that you're so happy.

    Looking forward to hearing all you've been up to and am sure you'll be back at goal before you know it.

    Tamara x

  3. Hurraaaaaay! You really have been missed hun :) It's fantastic to see you so happy and smiley, you really deserve some love and happiness